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Why did the Security Guards stop Sonakshi Sinha from entering the sets?

Now we all know well enough what make-up does to people, especially when it comes to our B-town babes. Though the babes do not mind the paparazzi behind their a**, following them to airports and restaurants, a few of them get really upset when they aren’t recognized without any make-up.

And if our sources are anything to go by, the very incident happened with Sonakshi Sinha recently. Apparently Sona was entering the sets of a reality show in a casual avatar minus the make up. The security guard outside the sets of the show failed to recognize the Sinha babe. When the guard stopped her from going in, the Lootera girl got very pissed and said, ‘Hello, I’m Sonakshi Sinha.’ Her tone insinuated that if he hadn’t recognised her, he must be some fool.

Of course, after her this, several people rushed to give the Jr Shotgun her due. And after this ‘Oops!’ moment the poor security guard got a dressing down, we hear. As for Shahid Kapoor’s alleged lady love, when asked about the incident, she brushed it off as a ‘silly rumour’!

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