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The 5 best onscreen kisses of Aamir Khan!

Well everyone has labelled Emraan Hashmi as the serial kisser in Bollywood. No denying that he is one, but much before he came into the league we had Aamir Khan who went around stealing chummas from various gorgeous ladies in Bollywood. He is the premiere serial kisser of Bollywood who still continues to be the reigning king in this department even after over 20 years in the industry. Practice is surely keeping him perfect! You don’t beleive us? Take a look at this list where we bring to you The 5 best onscreen kisses of Aamir Khan shared with his lovely co-stars.

3 idiots

Aamir khan the serial kisser
In the film Aamir says that he dreams that he and Kareena Kapoor are just about to kiss and his nose comes in between (thank God he didn’t see nosy :P) So Kareena Kapoor grabs this golden opportunity and both of them share a loooonnngggg kiss. Must admit Aamir sure knows how to make excuses to kiss.

dhoom 3

Aamir khan the serial kisser
Well not many men have been lucky enough to kiss the gorgeous Katrina Kaif and those who get that rare opportunity don’t waste any time in thinking any further. They just go and do it. Well Aamir was no different. They shared a quick and chaste kiss in the film Dhoom 3.

raja hindustani

Aamir khan the serial kisser
Aamir Khan holds a bizarre record in Bollywood. And it also looks like no one in Bollywood will be able to break it. The father of kissing of Hindi films, Aamir Khan, is the only lucky guy to kiss both the Kapoor sisters that is Karisma and Kareena Kapoor onscreen. Aamir stole a kiss from the shy Karisma in Raja Hindustani that created waves in the industry like nothing else did considering the fact that kissing was still a taboo.


alli diet pills wholesale Aamir khan the serial kisser
Now this is the rarest of the rare case. Madhuri has maintained a very clean image on screen and when she kissed Aamir Khan on screen for the film Dil it broke many dils because all the boys wanted to be Aamir Khan! She is the epitome of beauty and he is the charmer, they met, fell in love and kissed in the movie.


Aamir khan the serial kisser
Being the inseparable couple that painted tinsel town red with their chemistry, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla’s lips couldn’t stay far and met several times in ‘Ishq’. That was not the only movie where they shared kisses. ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Qayamat Se Qayamt Tak’ also saw the couple share many chummas and tumkas. Aamir Khan kicked off his kissing skills right from his debut ‘Qayamat Se Qayamt Tak’ by kissing Juhi Chawla, head over heels literally!

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