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Kajol and Malaika Arora at Most Stylish Awards

If you were to attend a prestigious award show, wouldn”t you be dressed to the nines?

Okay, let me rephrase.. If you were attending an award show where they were giving out awards for being dressed in a very fashionably-stylish manner, wouldn”t you leave no stone un-turned to look pretty and perfect and perfectly pretty? You would right?

Guess who turned up at one such event, trying their best to be oh-so-cool but failed. Miserably if I may add?!

Presenting to you, Kajol and Malaika Arora Khan at the Most Stylish Awards.

Malaika Arora

What was wrong with Malaika Arora? Why would she do this? Why would she wear something like that? She opted for a Pankaj and Nidhi gown which was alright. But online casino then, what”s with the pattern of the dress? The windows? Helloo! What is up! Teaming up the not so gorgeous dress with those lovely golden pumps was OBVIOUSLY a mistake! And those blue earrings are not helping her either. Her hair and make up though, was amazing. So face up, she looked like she ruled the place!



I”m numb. I mean, I really appreciate her effort to fit in. She must be feeling a little threatened by all the young actresses waltzing around in amazing clothes but did she really have to wear that? Okay, lets give her outfit and the hitting-your-eyes-zipper a pass but what excuse does she has for her make up?! That leaking red lipstick looks like she”s dressed for Halloween. No offense, I love Kajol. I really do. But why!! Why did she do this to herself? FYI this is a Kunal Anil Tanna outfit.

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