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Juhi Chawla’s emotional anchor and brother passes away; fails to recover from coma

Juhi Chawla’s own brother Bobby Chawla passed away on Sunday morning after spending his last few years in coma. Shahrukh Khan and Juhi were both friends as well as partners in business and Bobby went on to become both CEO of Shahrukh’s company Red Chillies Entertainments as well as a good friend friend of Shahrukh before going into coma.

At one stage, Shahrukh Khan would visit Bobby everyday in the hospital until a few years back, when he appointed a new CEO, Venky Mysore to replace Bobby as he continued to stay in coma. Juhi, who was very close to her brother recently at an interview was full of tears whenever the discussion of her brother came up.

Talking about her brother, she had said, “My emotional anchor was my mom. But I lost her in a car accident a year after my marriage. A few years later, my dad became sick and I lost him too.

My brother Bobby is eight years older than me. As kids, he and I would fight like cats and dogs. He would often push me and I would go flying and would hate him for it. He initially moved to Delhi to work, but then returned to Mumbai to build a career.

After losing her, my brother became my anchor and I thought he would be there with me through thick and thin, but he has been in coma for a few years now. My husband Jai is today my anchor in every way and I am most attached to my children, Jai and my in-laws. What Jai cannot solve for me, I leave it to time to sort itself. I was broken when I lost my mum and then again, when my brother fell ill. I became spiritual. I questioned many things and am still questioning. Sometimes I feel scared that there is no one sitting up there. Of course, I also hold on more to my family and value them even more now.“. We pray that Juhi gets all the strength to deal with this loss.


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