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Bollywood Case Files: Shiney Ahuja rape case!

While the world looks up to celebrities as role models and icons, our celebs give us reasons to not idolize them. Day in and day out we keep hearing cases of celebs suffering malfunction, criticising each other, getting drunk, getting pregnant, getting laid, taking drugs, possessing illegal weapons and so on.

We are used to hearing all of this. We have even got accustomed to the fact that these are celebrity lifestyles and this is how they choose to live their life. We still dream of living their life at least for a day. But what if the act of meanness crosses its boundary? What if celebs forget the fine line between mistakes and sins?

One such horrifying incident is that which involves Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja. It is a pretty old case but memories of that incident are still fresh in the minds of people. Sad but true, shocking but real, this man whose status was high and who was at the peak of his career ended up making one mistake. One mistake that changed his life. He indulged in RAPE.

Shiney Ahuja was charged for the rape of his 20 year old maid servant. According to the servant, she was molested and then raped by Shiney when nobody was in the house.

The police interrogated the case and question Shiney Ahuja, who during one of these interrogations confessed to raping the young girl and trying to sexually abuse her before. The high court convicted him of rape and sentenced him to 7 years of jail.

Later on, however, he denied all charges of rape and said he was only framed by someone. It is hard to buy something like that. And well, Shiney Ahuja is married and surprisingly his wife has been by his side through all of this drama. What shocks us is that even after his public confession of rape, she still stood by him.

Shiney Ahuja says,“The trial has to come. I know I am innocent. I have faith in God. I have faith that the person sitting there is also God’s person.” Shiney says he hasn’t really raped her and is not guilty of any crime and shall plead innocent with the court. He is currently out on bail and has resumed acting.

This Shiney Ahuja rape case is confusing and leaves us bewildered. On one side we have Shiney Ahuja confessing the rape openly and on the other we have him say he is not guilty. We just wait for the court to pass its final verdict.

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