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Alternate Ending To The Film “Aashiqui 2”

He is a rockstar, slamming on his guitar!! So, he notices her singing at a bar and is smitten by her simplicity. He then sees her dreaming of becoming a big singer and promises to make her a sensation. He begins training her and makes her sign contracts with big names of the industry. She becomes successful and he hears people talk about him using her as a “pleasure tool”. Ouch! That hurts!

So what next? He decides to find a companion in alcohol while his pretty girlfriend goes around singing and becoming famous. He gets a little lonely and soon becomes a complete alcoholic. She doesn’t seem to favour his lifestyle and decides to bring her darling love back on track. She plans of giving up her career for him. He gets to know of her plans and decides the best way to get rid of all this mess is to end his life. So he bids farewell and jumps off the bridge and splaassshh!! He’s gone forever. Then what? She decides to live her life as a tribute to her man who sacrificed his life for her dreams and passion.

Phew! That was a lot of drama for a two and a half hours film, isn’t it? After watching a soulfully engaging film like Aashiqui 2, the last thing you would want is for the ending of the film to be so depressing. You wouldn’t want to walk out of the theatre with a wet tissue and smudged mascara. So then, how should the film have ended?

In a parallel universe, this is how Aashiqui 2 would have ended:

When Rahul (Aditya Roy Kapur) gets involved in alcoholism and begins picking up fights, Arohi (Shraddha Kapoor) decides to get him out of his addiction. She very subtly begins backing out of her singing career and starts taking care of Rahul. Rahul, who realizes how much he means to Arohi, begins to give up alcohol little by little. Soon, he is back to normal. Arohi then decides to resume her career but this time with Rahul. Together they make music and become a crazy sensation. And guess what? They live happily ever after!

Now that definitely brought a smile onto your face. It is but natural to find a soft corner in your heart for films that end on a happy note. So what if Aashiqui 2 didn’t end on a happy note? There is always a parallel universe where you are the boss! *wink*
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