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Salman Khan: I know Bilal Amrohi since he was a baby

Salman Khan’s brother Atul Agnihotri is launching Bilal Amrohi, the grandson of Kamal Amrohi, in the upcoming film O Teri. Salman Khan, who is making a special appearance in a song in the film, says he has known Bilal for a long time now; since Bilal was a baby.

“I know him since he was a baby. We are very close since his parents were very close to our family. He is a strong personality, very cool, chilled out, level-headed with his heart in the right place. There was a time when he was partying too much. But today he has understood the value of working hard and understands that you have to work towards what you want to be. Who your parents are doesn’t make a difference. He is working towards that, is respectful and cultured. He is actually a superb blend of being cool and respectful.

Sometimes, when you are cool, you can be disrespectful. But he has the perfect balance and knows how to behave himself and that comes from his good upbringing. I used to be very close to his mama Mazhar Khan,” said Sallu Bhai.

Reportedly, Bilal was very nervous when he had to dance alongside Salman Khan. When asked about that, Sallu ji laughed and said “They just pretend to be nervous. They are a shaana lot, who make you look old in the garb of respect and are capable of suddenly putting you into the uncle bracket. I call him Bilal Thank You as for everything he will keep saying thank you.”

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