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Deepika Padukone going the polka dot way

Deepika Padukone. What can I say about this dusky beauty? Don’t we just love her?

At a recent event, she wore a Ashish Soni dress and boy did she look good? There are no words in my very limited vocabulary to describe her beauty.

What completed her look? To-die-for Metallic gold pumps and gorgeous turquoise earrings. Now between the heavy duty metallic gold pumps and turquoise earrings, the appearance was a bit too busy. Something didn’t match.

If she would’ve given either of those thing a miss, I would be very happy. My happiness would know no bounds if she would throw those earrings away. Don’t get me wrong. Those earrings are lovely but they don’t match and that hot pink-coral-ish shade of lipstick is not helping her case either.

Now, lets talk about something that I really loved about this gorgeous beauty – her make up. It’s nice. She has this signature look that she always maintains. What I admire her the most is for flaunting her complexion.

Not many people do that. They misuse make up and end up looking fair or rather white, for reasons that I cannot understand. Anyway, Deepika Padukone’s style has always been the same when it comes to her make up. She has always experimented with lips and this time her hot pink lips help her nail the look! var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); }

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