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What is Kangana Ranaut doing with the book ‘Poetics’ written by Aristotle?

It’s a well known fact that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut loves to read book. But, unlike most of her colleagues who opt for the best sellers and classic, she prefers to read books which had a lot of heavy-duty reading!

She says, “I read a lot. I read all sorts of books; spiritual and fiction as well. These days, I am reading Poetics by Aristotle, which was suggested at the New York Film Academy. It’s a nice book, but very difficult to read. After every line, you think for half an hour because, it’s all about decoding Aristotle’s thoughts. It’s very thin, though. What really helped me at a young age were books by Swami Vivekananda.

Meanwhile, The leggy lass realised the hard way that gravity effects everyone when she was trying to show off her high flying kicks on the streets of Paris while shooting for a sequence in Queen.

After stretching her long leg a couple of times, Kangy got overambitious. She crossed her limit-literally at that- thinking that she has sprouted wings that can make her stay afloat in the air even if she has her both legs up. The babe learnt her lesson in the hardest possible way and the very next moment she was on the ground, absolutely flat on her face. But the strong willed beauty gave her shots despite that great fall.
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