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Imtiaz and Ravi Jadhav team up for Laila-Majnu!

Ravi Jadhav is probably one of the very few directors who has been loved for his really good film making talent in the shortest time that he’s been here with some good films like Natrang, Balak Palak and Timepass. Now, he’s all set to re make the legendary love story Laila Majnu and guess who has decided to lend his support to the bidding director? None other than the incredibly talented Imtiaz Ali himself!

Imtiaz Ali decided that he will co-produce Ravi Jadhav’s Laila Majnu and will also help him direct the movie which will entirely be shot in Kashmir.He’s already read the script and has really loved it too. Not just Imtiaz, production house, Balaji motion pictures has also decided that it will be co-producing the movie.

With so many people supporting him looks like Ravi Jadhav has got a really bright future ahead of him in bollywood. And we also can’t wait to see how this talented film maker is going to add his own touch to the legendary Laila and Majnu’s love story.

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