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Alia Bhatt is tired and exhausted… But why?

Is it in vogue to be exhausted and unwell? I mean come on, every second day we hear about some or the other actress fainting on sets or down with food poisoning. Also, fine, I do agree acting is not a cake walk, but hey, can’t you just take a day off and rest? How difficult is it? Is it so necessary to brag about it? I’m guessing, this is either a publicity gimmick or our babes are simply attention hungry.

Anyway, the latest to join the ill health club is the dainty Alia Bhatt. The Highway beauty who has been flying up and down, too and fro, has had no rest in the past few months. So basically, traveling took a toll on the actress as she was juggling between shooting and promotions and had to fly from Chandigarh to Mumbai and back the same night.

Apparently, she was already running temperature while shooting, and traveling worsened her condition.

A friend close to Alia said, “She has been advised to rest it out. She’s a livewire and cannot rest easy. You won’t find Alia in the same place for more than five minutes. But for now, she’s taking it easy.”

We also hear, Deepika Padukone who seemed all excited and cheerful at the Queen movie preview, was reportedly running temperature and was suffering from food poisoning.

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