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Did Shahrukh Khan take a pot-shot at Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’?

After the two power-houses who were once fierce enemies, were spotted hugging each other on more than two occasions, eyeryone thought that the two khans have buried their hatchet when they hugged and made up. But after listening to what King Khan told about Sallu bhai at a recent event, it looks like the duo still have not made-up!

At an event recently, SRK took a dig at Salman Khan. SRK was at an event of a watch brand that he endorses when he asked Kunal Kohli about the last film he watched. To which Kohli replied, “Jai Ho!” Of course this didn’t go down well with the King Khan. So wondering how he made his epic-comeback? He took a while to respond while the audience was hooting, and then he said, “There is no accounting for taste.

Well, we wonder if these remarks will go down well with Sallu bhai the moment he gets a chance.. Looks like their hugs were merely cordial or for the sake of it after all! What do you think?

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