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“Sanjay Dutt is not the reason for P.K’s delay” Rajkumar Hirani

P.K, which was supposed to release this June got postponed to December and Sanjay Dutt who will be playing a major role in the movie is out on parole. So we naturally connected the dots and concluded that it was because of his jail term that the shooting of the movie got postponed. But Hirani, the director says that the movie has been pushed to December only because he thought that the month was lucky for Aamir Khan’s movies to release.

Hirani also insists that Sanjay Dutt finished shooting for P.K long before he left for his jail term last year. Here’s what he said talking about the delay of P.K’s release, “There is no particular reason for the delay in release. We wanted to release the film in June. But then Christmas seemed apt time. It is festive time and more people tend to watch films during this (festive) period. Also, most of Aamir’s films hit the theatres during Christmas and they have done well.”

While that does seem like a good reason, it doesn’t really seem legit enough for a movie to get postponed by more than six months just because of luck, don’t you think? So we’re not really sure if we should entirely go by Rajkumar Hirani’s words on P.K..

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