OMG! Actress’s private video recorded by a crew member

She’s a very popular face down south, and now, she’s slowly but surely gaining popularity in Bollywood as well. She’s just a film old in the Hindi industry and is busy working on her second project, which also features big names.

If latest buzz is to be believed, this newbie is being harassed by a crew member (to be specific, a light boy), who is said to have recorded a private video of her and the film’s director without their knowledge. Apparently, the guy is blackmailing the actress and the filmmaker for cash. He’s been sending a string of mails continuously demanding for big bucks. This has been going on for quite sometime now. He has threatened to put up the video on web if they did not meet to his demands.

It is also heard that the actress is extremely stressed with all that is happening around her and hence she hasn’t been shooting regularly.

While we cannot reveal the name, you might as well take a guess who she is.

HINT: Her first film was a dud at the box office.

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