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“It was fun playing a 50’s woman” Mahie Gill

Gang of ghosts, the first ever ghost comedy of bollywood is all set for its release and Mahie Gill plays the role of a woman from the 1950’s who becomes a ghost in the movie. Being a first-of-its-kind experience for Mahie Gill, she is all excited to play the role and she’s apparently even watched a lot of movies from the 50’s and 60’s to live up to her role of Manoranjana, the ghost.

“It was quite interesting to play Manoranjana. As a successful actress from the ’50s who is now a ghost and trying to cope up with the modern-day world. It was absolutely fun to be seen in a mode of over half-a-century back. It was so good to be dancing to a song like ‘Nahi Doongi…. Dil Apna’ and lip-synching to it” was what an animated and all-excited Mahie Gill said, speaking about it.

If you’re wondering how she managed to pull off the role of a 50’s woman so well after watching the trailer, here’s what Mahie Gill reveals about that, “Actresses from the past had a certain way of talking and behaving. Satishji (Kaushik) told me that we could pick their style. They used to talk in a typical nasal manner and have a particular ‘mudra’ in place as a part of general body language. To achieve that, I tried to pick up Meena Kumariji’s traits. She wasn’t the only one though, as I also studied Suraiya. Then for the song ‘Nahi Doongi’, I have tried to bring on the Madhubala look. It is an amalgamation of all the actresses whose work we have admired over the years.”

And we really can’t wait to watch the really interesting and seemingly hilarious Gang of Ghosts to hit the theatres on the 21st of March.
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