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Many faces of Kangana Ranaut the versatile actor!

She has had one hell of a journey in Bollywood. Some lows but some terrific highs too. Kangana Ranaut has never got it easy. She has earned every lil thing she owns. She values all her stardom but at the same time doesn’t fear from taking any risks. She has always chosen the path less traveled. She has taken the tough route, after all she has been the hero of all her films. Today we will tell you about the many faces of Kangana Ranaut the versatile actor!


Many faces of Kangana Ranaut the versatile actor!
We had to start the list with this film were she plays the role of a troubled super model who is addicted to drugs, alcohol and smoking. Her walk, talk and acting in the film are just incredible. She plays the second lead in this film but got as much recognition if not more for her performance. She won a National Award for the best supporting actress for this film.

life in a metro

kangana ranaut
Though we love her curls it is a pleasent surprise to see Kangy babes with straight hair in this film. She played the role of a young coporate who falls in love with her boss who is already married and has a family. Very understated yet matured, this was one of her best performances so far.

krrish 3

kangana ranaut
This is the first time that we see Kangana playing an antagonist and boy what a job she does at it! She makes us fall in love with the villian. She is a super cool babe in this film doing crazy stunts and that evil grin og hers can make us skip a heartbeat.

tanu weds manu

kangana ranaut
Have you heard about old daal with taadka tasting amazing? Well, that is what Kangana is in this film. Simple, fun loving, crazy, naughty and totally lovable! Her chemistry with Madhavan who is her complete opposite is something worth watching. They make for a great pait and Kangs is at her best in this film.


kangana ranaut
Kangna Ranaut drowns her misery in booze. Originally a bar dancer in Mumbai, Kangana is the girlfriend of a notorious gangster played by Shiney Ahuja. In this thriller kangana is seen all depressed and troubled because of her unsetlled personal life. She makes misery a visual treat on the silver screen. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);} else {

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