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The most dreaded case finally filed against Gulaab Gang!

Just as Gulaab Gang heads for a release this Friday, the case that the maker Anubhav Sinha has been dreading all these days, the case that the original Gulaabi Gang would file against the movie has finally been filed! Yes, for those of you who did not know, there is an actual Gulaabi Gang headed by a woman by the name Sampat Pal despite the claims made by Anubhav Sinha that the movie’s name is based on a song that he has heard.

And this woman has now come out to file the case against Gulaab Gang in the Delhi High court stating that the makers do not have a right to make a movie of her life without her granting them permission. Sahara movie studios which is getting ready to ship the prints of the movie overseas are now stuck in a dilemma now.

Anubhav Sharma who is naturally very pissed at Sampat Lal’s last minute reaction was found talking to the media about it saying, “It is surprising that Sampat has filed this case when in last few months we have said hundreds of times that Gulaab Gang is not based on her story or that of Gulaabi Gang. We would be shortly sharing an official response on this case.” Serves him right for so obviously lying and not taking her permission, don’t you think?
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