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Bollywood Actresses In ANIMAL PRINT: PART 1

Not everybody can carry off animal print with oomph and sexiness. It takes courage and confidence to even think of attempting something that might be considered ‘kinky’ if gone wrong.

Bollywood actresses are known to be very particular about their clothing. The color and design they wear is as important to them as the dress itself. They look effortlessly breath taking in whatever they wear.

Today, I’d like to show you actresses who carried off animal print with such style and attitude. Take a look and tell us who you think looked stunning and who needs to work on their dressing.

Here are some of the Bollywood actresses in animal print. They look flashy yet so hot.


She has a figure to die for. All the yoga, exercise and what not definitely does come into use when one has to carry off such a bright dress with cheetah print! Shilpa Shetty, as usual, looks too hot! Kudos.


Shahazn Padamsee
It looks like Shahazn Padamsee has taken too much effort to wear such a figure tight white and black animal print dress. Nevertheless, it looks good enough.


Mommy cool has the curves to wear on this pretty full length gown and look her sexiest best! Malaika Arora Khan looks fabulous in this outfit. That slit makes us drool. Thumbs up!!


While the elder sister is perfectly toned, the younger one needs to work a little on her body. She looks a wee bit plump in her knee length animal print dress.


Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta is undoubtedly a fine dresser and look how well she carries off a simple body hugging leopard print dress. Her hair-do looks just fine for the outfit. Impressed!


Not surprised even a bit! Only Sonam Kapoor has it in her to take style to a whole new level. While most actresses prefer gowns and dresses, our belle decided to wear an animal print jumpsuit. How cool is that!
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