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Ali Zafar will never be kissing on screen!

Ali Zafar is one of the few Pakistani actors who has made it really big in bollywood and has been loved by many bwood audiences despite his nationality. And this has not just given us a good actor but also hope to Pakistanis that they too can do well in bollywood. With Total Siyapaa, Ali Zafar turns five films old in bollywood, and here’s what he says about his experience here.

“I think when my first film became a hit, people in Pakistan realised that it is possible to make it big in India. There is a misconception that every woman wears a ‘hijab’ and every man keeps a beard in Pakistan. I always think that nothing is impossible.When it comes to India I have been welcomed here with open heart. I also get lot of appreciation for the work I do here in Hindi films.” Ali Zafar said, talking about how Pakistan and India are different in general.

And here’s what he adds about his bollywood experience, “It has been an interesting journey for me. At times I wonder whether I am really acting in Hindi films. Considering that I didn’t know anyone over here and more importantly, being from Pakistan there was nothing going in my favour. I could only bank on my sincerity, talent and my hard work and I guess I have been pretty successful in doing that.”

There’s one thing that Ali Zafar is never going to do though for bollywood and that would be kissing on screen, as he is worried about what people back home in Pakistan would think about it.I have a clause that I won’t be kissing on screen. In ‘London Paris New York’, kissing was essential in the film and so they got a body double to do it. I obviously think about what people are going to feel like back home (Pakistan) and what they are going to think” was what he spoke about it!

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