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Woopsy! Deepika Padukone’s hair loss

This picture was snapped when the gorgeous queen of Bollywood was just 16 years old. Look how she transformed from a plain Jane to a sizzling bombshell! She looked lovey then…and she looks lovelier now. But hey! What’s with that hair? and that texture? And oh! those eyebrows? Is it just me or do you guys too see that receding hairline?

Wonder, how suddenly she got back those lustrous locks.. and fuller eyebrows? I do agree, heroines do go for hair extensions and all and so does Deepika, but then, more often than not, I think Deepy walks around sans those extras.

May be her eyebrows did grow with age, or it could be the magic of fillers (plastic surgery), but hair? No matter what you do, thin hair cannot look that voluminous despite several treatments. So could this be a wig? Nevertheless, her hair looks in great shape, now though.

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