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Total Siyapaa’s now going to be made into a novel!

Usually it’s books that inspire movies, but for Total Siyapaa, an author who thought it would make a good book decided to make a novel out of the movie! The novel is going to be titled ‘A sum of two wholes – Total Siyapaa’ and will be written by a certain Neha Sharma. And no, she is not the script writer of Total Siyapaa, it is Neeraj Pandey who happens to be the script writer of the movie originally and surprisingly, he has no issues with a book being written with his story and actually seems quite happy about it.

“The plot of the book is different from the movie plot and it allows the reader to experience the story differently and understand the dreams, dilemmas and emotions of the characters” was what Neeraj Pandey had to say about Neha Sharma’s book.

Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam, who play the lead couple, a Punjabi Girl and a Pakistani boy who fall in love in Total Siyapaa are really excited about the book and here’s what they’ve both got to say about it.

“As actors, we interpret the screenplay and emote characters to bring them alive on screen. This book has interpreted the pre-story of my character and made him into a flesh-and-blood thinking individual, who faces knockbacks with flair and determination, and ultimately wins – not just the girl, but also all that he strives for in life” says Ali.

And Yami says, “Everything I had imagined Aasha to be – her story before the movie begins, her wacky personal history, her laugh-out-loud friction with Aman when they first meet, her grit to prove herself, has been written in this book.”

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