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When Salman Khan broke his commitment!

Looks like the day has come when Salman Khan finally broke his commitment contrary to his famous “Ek baar commitment kar di tho mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta” dialogue from Dabangg! Bhai did not live up to his word and broke a lot of hearts by not turning up at the opening of a hospital that he was supposed to inaugurate recently.

Knowing Salman Khan, it’s a little hard to believe isn’t it? But apparently, after promising the media and the hospital staff that he is going to be there at the opening, he totally gave the event a miss. The organizers and media along woth hordes of his fans waited for hours for him to show up before they realized that he was never going to come.

The event organizers who were completely sure of Salman Khan attending the event put it up on their website and have also invited the media, since he was very much in town and has even attended another opening just on the day before that and had to face the wrath of his fans and the media as well.

But the question is, why did Salman Khan do something like that? Did he never sign up for anything like that at all or did he completely forget about the event? Guess we will have the actual answer to that only if he comes out and talks about it.

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  1. U Patil

    March 4, 2014 at 4:17 am

    I am glad Salman you did not go for the hospital inauguration, I am an Indian doc with a Brit citizenship and may I tell you that this Beam’s hospital have employed docs with qualifications such as FICS [this can be bought after filling a form], I can prove this is happening in their Hyderabad branch you can google and see on their website. Beware of such organisations!

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