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“I am responsible for Karisma’s stardom” Juhi Chawla

When Juhi Chawla talked about how she was responsible for the Khans being such big stars, she might’ve been joking but recently she also claimed that Karisma Kapoor’s stardom was due to her and this time, she didn’t look like she was joking. So how is Juhi Chawla responsible for Karisma’s success, you ask? Here’s how…It was Juhi Chawla who was offered the roles in Raja Hindustani and Dil Toh Pagal Hain before she rejected and Karisma starred in them and subsequently became one of the biggest stars of those days.

And looks like Juhi Chawla really regrets not doing those movies as she says, “When you are at your peak, you stop taking chances, you become indispensable and think that without you the industry will shut down as you are young and successful. You make foolish decisions. I did not do couple of films which then became blockbusters.”

“It is all in the past, so it is ok to talk about it and you learnt from it. I think most of them were two heroine projects, so I did not do it. I am responsible for Karisma Kapoor’s stardom and she doesn’t know about it” Juhi Chawla also added with an air of pride.

But Juhi dear, did you think about the possibility that maybe those roles went on to be remembered because Karisma Kapoor starred in them? }

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