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Preview of the film Queen: Wacky Kangy at her best!

Queen. The name itself speaks a lot of drama and the film is no less than a complete drama and not to forget an entertainer. The film gets its name from the protagonists character that is Rani. Queen is a film that stars Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon and Rajkummar Rao in lead roles. kangana Ranaut is seen in a jolly good mood making everyone around her laugh despite her troubled state of affairs. Beautiful locations, hilarious scenes, wacky Kangy and some crazy story, of what we see in the trailer the film looks pretty good. Also one of the most interesting aspects if the film is that it was shot in approximately 145 locations across the globe!

trailer of the film queen

Needless to say Kangana impresses everyone with her incredible acting abilities in the trailer. She looks like typical “housewife material”.Hher clothes, hairstyle, style of walking and talking show that she has come from a small town. She is very vocal about her life and screams and runs about the whole city trying to find some way out of her messy life. She is also seen partying hard, getting drunk and dancing like a maniac! Her love interest in the film apart from her husband who leaves her and makes her honeymoon alone is a foreigner. This film sure looks like a bonanza and we hope we are not disappointed in the end. Cheers! } else {}

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