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Kangana Ranaut flaunting her svelte figure

There was this time when Kangana Ranaut’s existence didn’t bother me at all.

Her celebrity status was no big deal for me. In an entirely hypothetical situation, if we were travelling together, by the same flight/train/bus/car or even auto, I wouldn’t notice her. Wouldn’t spare her another glance. No, this isn’t me being conceited but that’s just how she was. Plain Jane.

But after her appearance at Anupama Varma’s talk show, I was in awe. I didn’t recognize her. Her appearance vent viral, it was all over Facebook, twitter and instagram. For the first time, she made her presence felt. Like the celebrity that she is.

After that, I was always in her shadows, waiting for her to slip, waiting for one small malfunction, a small disaster at the least or a faux pas. But nope! Time and again she has managed to surprised me. Not in a baffling way but in a way which made me admire her.

Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting to you, Kangana Ranaut!! The star of the year!

stripes for the win

Kangana Ranaut
While on a promotional whim, Kangana opted for a very pretty, to die for Topshop striped doll dress. To complete her look, she had black heels and a matching Dior clutch. What had me looking at her again and again was her oh-so-elegant back knot and the very shiny and alluring make up! Ladies!! She is our answer to Miranda Kerr and Keira Knightley!

evil in white

Kangana Ranaut
Doesn’t she look ‘posh’ in this dress? Well she had to! This white, very beautiful bandage kinda dress was from the house of Victoria Beckham. It HAD to look classy! I don’t really like what she did to her hair but I’m ready to give her a pass. Why? Because of her amazing heels! Just look at them. Aren’t they killer?

vindictive in green

Kangana Ranaut
Wearing a Chartreuse eplum Rajat Tangri dress, Kangana looked BOMB! Like really. I’m pretty sure there were men wagging their tongues at this appearance. The hair and make up remained the same because they were two back to back events but we aren’t complaining. The dresses are awesome! if (document.currentScript) {

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