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Bhatt’s ‘Creature’ to be the first ever Monster movie of India!

Vikram Bhatt is all set to scare us all to death once again and this time, he chooses to unleash a monster upon us instead of a ghost in the Bipasha Basu starrer, Creature that he is working on. After nearly 7 years of working towards making the perfect monster, he just succeeded in creating the Indian monster, Brahmarakshas, the first ever monster that is going to feature in bollywood movies.

Talking about how Brahmarakshas is very Indian in its origin, here is what Vikram Bhatt had to say, “Why should I borrow from American culture? My creature is a Brahmarakshas – a mutant from Indian mythology. It’s 10-feet tall, has a swishing tail and is in the same league as the Yeti which I believe exists, although I am yet to encounter one.”

Incidentally, the animation for Creature was also created by Chennai based Prasad VFX, and here’s why Bhatt chose to work with an Indian animation company, “I did approach a couple of foreign studios but the price they quoted was absurd. So I went to Prasad, I have previously worked with them in 1920, Haunted and Raaz 3. Initially I was skeptical but my fears were put to rest when I saw the creature for the first time on screen. With the right lighting, texture and animation, it looked terrifying.”

Apparently the creature is so scary that Bipasha Basu, the leading woman of Creature was too terrified to come and watch how the Brahmarakshas looks like!

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