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Sunny Leone was disappointed after watching Taalash

Sunny Leone was surprised when the Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor-Rani Mukerji film Talaash was hailed as a modern day contemporary horror flick. According to her, the film hardly qualifies as supernatural and horror piece of work.

The film Talaash was referred to her by one of the Bollywood associates as a reference, so that she could improvise her acting skills for her upcoming film RAGINI MMS-2, as it was going to be her first stint with a Bollywood horror film. However, she was thoroughly disappointed when the Aamir Khan starrer didn’t do much to scare her. She felt that the film worked more as a human drama than as a jump-off-your-seat affair, informs a source close to the adult star-turned-Bollywood heroine.

On being contacted, Sunny confessed that TALAASH did underwhelm her as a horror affair.

“Yes, I was told that TALAASH was a horror movie. However, it wasn’t scary for me at all. Yes, it was a great story. Also, who doesn’t watch Kareena and Aamir Still, it didn’t do to me what it intended to, says Sunny Leone who promises that as a ‘horrex’ (horror and sex) affair, RAGINI MMS-2 would meet expectations.”

The firang babe also reveals her all time favorite horror flick.

“Of course one of my all-time favorites is THE EXORCIST. I can’t get tired to watch it again; it is always so scary. Then I also caught up on THE CONJURING which was very scary. As for the Hindi ones, I haven’t seen too many of those,”
says Sunny.
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