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If Arjun Kapoor marries Alia Bhatt, Sonam will be the happiest, says KJO

Now here’s some juicy gossip about Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, the alleged lovebirds who will be seen in their upcoming film 2 States.

At the 2 STATES- trailer launch event, filmmaker Karan Johar was seen savouring some fun at Arjun Kapoor’s expense. A little birdie informs us that KJo was teasing Arjun and Alia before the event kickstarted. The source further added Karan-Arjun also had a round of conversation over the latter’s relationship with Alia.

Pointing towards Arjun, Johar said, “Sonam (Kapoor) will be very happy if you (Arjun Kapoor) marry Alia (Bhatt).”

In fact, while the media quizzed Karan on the rumours regarding Alia and Abhishek’s (Varman) alleged affair, he retorted, “Is it? Alia and Abhishek… I thought it Alia and Arjun…!”

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