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Sonam Kapoor at the Mid-Day bash

At a recent event, Sonam Kapoor decided to show up in her I’m-a-Fashionista-I-always-look-good glory. While we appreciate the attitude and also commend it, we can’t say the same about her outfit.

Wearing a rather confusing and busy outfit by Ilk, Miss Kapoor was seen smiling at shutterbugs like she owned the place. Again, we don’t have a problem with her attitude but with what she wore.

She teamed up her outfit with too many things. To being with, the Prada clutch was to die for!! And then the ring by Dhora was also amazing! The earrings that she wore were by Zariin and looked so so.. not that appealing but again her heels were uh la la!! I think they are Jimmy Choos but can never be too sure.

So, about her make up? It’s always perfect when she goes for the natural look, only the coral and the darker foundation look is a big no no. This dewy-slightly shiny on the edges look works wonder for her. Her eyes were also a smokey, not loud but smokey, which I quite liked. Then her dazzling smile!

It was her second best accessory for the event. The colgate visible white must really be working for her (pun intended!) You must be thinking what was the first best accessory? The Prada clutch of course!! Hey, no judgement!! I’m materialistic like that and I can buy that clutch, can’t buy that smile, you’ll have to be born with it!

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