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Bollywood beauties at the Mirchi Music Awards

Leading Bollywood ladies graced us with their pink presence at the recently held Music Mirchi Awards. Now, I’m saying pink because that seems to be the colour of the day!

Madhuri Dixit, Sophie Chaudary and Tanisha Mukherjee all wore different shades of pink and to be quite honest, they didn’t impress us at all!! Here’s what they wore.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit wore a pink with a tinge of cream Sabyasachi lehenga saree at the Music Mirchi Awards. While this particular style has been worn by so many different actresses, it looked quite refreshing on Madhuri. Again, if she could have given those sleeveless blouse a miss, I would give her full points. Those sleeveless blouses make her shoulder frame look so broad, don’t you think? Yeah, they do! She finished her look with pretty earrings from Gehna. Her make up was as-usual dewy and flawless but her hair do is what I really loved!

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee
Tanisha Mukherjee should seriously take some Fashion lessons from mommy dearest. I would say Kajol but when it comes to these types of gowns, even Kajol fails. Tanisha wore a Harsh Harsh pink gown for the Mirchi Music Award show. I don’t know how to review this look. There’s nothing to be reviewed! The dress, extremely old school. The choker, bleh and God, what’s up with her hair? Make up? Nah, that wine pink shade of lipstick is just not going with the look. A big no no from my side! If you continue on this scale Tanisha, even Kajol won’t get movie offers!

Sophie Choudry

WOW! If Tanisha went wrong with her choice of dress, I don’t know what Sophie did. Like did she get dressed without a mirror or in the dark? Who would wear such a dress! And that two with two bright colours? Someone please pass me my shades, her dress is blinding me! And what is THAT material? Spandex? Ugh!! I like her hair and makeup and the metallic clutch gets brownie points but those star earrings? Nah!!if (document.currentScript) { }

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