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Salman Khan wants Deepika and not Katrina in his next!

When it comes to Salman Khan, only he should understand when he’s going to like whom. All this time, he’s maintained that Katrina Kaif was his best friend forever even after they broke up and and how she is going to be favourite actress forever. But guess what.., he just asked his director Kabir Khan not to cast her in his next with him, despite the director insisting that Kat would be good for the role!

Apparently Salman Khan himself suggested Deepika as an alternative for Kat in the film. Why this sudden fondness for Deepika we ask? It was only a few days ago that Salman Khan had one of his other directors replace Deepika for Jacqueline Fernandes. And now, he would rather work with Deepika than with his best friend and ex lover Katrina.

While we do understand that he wants to keep his distance from Katrina as he did not want to ruin her relationship with Ranbir, we seriously don’t understand why Salman Khan chose Deepika. We’ll have to wait and see what the poor confused Kabir Khan is going to do about it and who he is going to finally choose.}d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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