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Ranbir to build a really muscly body for Bombay Velvet!

Ranbir Kapoor has been a fairly muscly man right from his Saawariya days but has never had too many muscles like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan. Apparently for his upcoming movie with Anurag Kashyap, Bombay Velvet, the hunk was asked to build lots of muscle for his role in the movie that will be very different from the lover boy roles that he’s played so far.

And we hear that he’s building his body like never before for that, sweating it out at the gym like mad. Some sources who have seen him say that he has already build quite a lot of muscle and will very soon be sporting a body like that of Salman Khan or something. Wow..we really hope to get a picture of that before Bombay Velvet hits the screens. But can we be sure that he is going to look as good as he is now with all that muscle..?} else {}

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