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Why is Priyanka Chopra so upset?

Yes, Priyanka Chopra is extremely upset and we know that coz she’s said so on her twitter. This is what Priyanka Chopra’s latest tweet says, “I was reading some tweets and articles and peoples comments..Anonymous people with no idea of people’s lives but yet being so nasty and mean” clearly indicating that some really nasty comment made on her on twitter was really irking her. Wonder what this jobless anonymous guy said to hurt our dear piggie chops.

But soon enough, she recovered from the hurt and tweeted back saying “Simply block/report those people who tweet anything negative to you. Don’t let the hate reach you. Anyway. Had a moment of feeling sad for what the world is turning into. let people live their lives guys.and smile a lil.dont hate so much.” Now, that’s more like a brave and bold Priyanka Chopra that we always have pictured her as. And what is she so upset about anway, don’t celebrities always get criticism thrown into their face like that? Yeah we know that’s mean, but she should have learned to deal with it by now.

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