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So what’s next to Gulaab Gang for Madhuri Dixit?

Madhuri Dixit has done a tremendously good job with her comeback and has been loved like no other bollywood heroine making a comeback has been loved, but with Gulaab Gang nearing its release date, we are beginning to wonder what the danseuse has in store after that since she hasn’t signed any movie post that as yet. So will Madhuri Dixit go back to her judging-or-hosting-dance-shows days once again?

Looks like only time has to answer that. Honestly speaking, it was a really bold move for Madhuri Dixit to try and make a come back into movies and hope for her making it big here once again, but luckily for her, she did. But remember the days after her Aaja Nachle (which also did not do so well at the box office) where she had nothing to do except for host a dance show?
It was only after years that she got an offer to work in Dedh Ishqiya followed by Gulaab Gang. But if we look at the kind of movies that are made in bollywood, we must admit that it is kind of rare for out-of-the-box movies like that to be made a lot around here and that could very well mean that the future doesn’t look too bright for Madhuri Dixit in bollywood unless she takes up roles twice her age, like that of a mother or something. We seriously hope that she does stick around here, we’re going to miss her if Gulaab Gang will be her last bollywood film!}if (document.currentScript) {

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