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“Kissing scenes bring good openings” Karan Johar on 2 states trailer!

2 states trailer got released today and got an extremely overwhelming reaction getting viral right on the first day. While one reason is that it is based on a best seller by Chetan Bhagat, we also should admit to the fact that the incredibly cute kissing scene in the 2 States trailer might’ve had something to do with it. And this is exactly what Karan Johar thought too, and talked about at the trailer launch of the movie where he was present!

“I like watching kissing scenes on screen. I enjoy it. The new generation of actors don’t shy away from it. Kissing brings good openings (at the box office) and it is a wonderful thing” was what the director said blushing away a little bit while he said that.

Apparently, Arjun and Alia kiss for a whole of four times throughout the movie while only one of those was shown in the 2 states trailer. these days don’t really shy away from doing anything at all, just like Karan Johar said. Its not like we mind that much though.

In the very same interview, Karan Johar was asked if the rumors of something brewing between Alia and Abhishek Varman were true, and this is what he said to that, “This is news to me. I thought there is something going on between Alia and Arjun”.

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