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5 biggest mistakes of Imran Khan’s Bollywood career!

Imran khan is Bollywood’s answer to Hollywood’s Kristen Stewart. Very good looking but sucky at acting. He just can’t move his facial muscles bro! When he was launched everyone stepped back to take a look at him, but lil did we realize that he was as expressionless as wood. No denying that he makes girls go weak in their and guys go green with envy but he definitely needs to improve his acting skills. So today we will tell you 5 biggest mistakes of Imran Khan’s Bollywood career!

being aamir khans nephew

imran khan
On a general this is a blessing because there is no better launching pad than the rocket man himself. He gave Imran a debut with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na opposite Genelia which was a huge hit! And what did Imran Khan do after that? Nothing. And because he comes from the Aamir Khan camp expectations are obviously super high. So poor Imran Khan is stuck in between where he can’t get out neither can he stay. So for him, being born as Aamir Khan’s nephew is definitely a bane.

why did he become an actor?

imran khan
Imran khan would have made for an excellent model because he is expressionless! There is no difference when Imran laughs or cries and we are not even exaggerating. There is no act in actor when it comes to Imran Khan.


imran khan
We should kidnap the director of this movie! What movie was this bhai? Seriously! On top of that Minisha Lamba wore a bikini thinking that would save the film but that made it a bigger disaster. Whatever on earth made him do a film like this just after delivering a hit like Jane Tu..


imran khan
What luck? It is the most unfortunate thing that happened to Imran Khan and Shruti Hassan. Both new comers had their hopes pinned on this film and thought it would take them to great heights but what happened instead? Hahahahahha! It turned out to be a big big joke.

Matru ki bijali ka mandola

Okay so I have realized that Imrans successful movies would be easier to count cause his disaster list is just too long. We close his mistakes list with this ultra big disaster. The name of the film itself is so sloppy so you can actually imagine how the film would turn out.

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  1. Ishaan khan

    March 3, 2014 at 11:51 am

    stop ur bluff…he is soo natural actor..he is nice in his own way..

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