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Youngistan makers and Pepsi continue their battle!

Youngistan, we know, is a film of Jackyy Bhagnani that will revolve around politics and all of that but if you remember, the word was originally used in the ads of the drink Pepsi. And this is why, the makers of the cola drink have filed a case against the Youngistan producers that the title is their creation and cannot be used for a film.

There has been a hearing over this issue in the past in the court but nothing has been settled as yet and the battle continues until the judge passes out his final judgement sometime soon. Meanwhile, we are also getting to hear that the title might be changed to Faltu 2.

And here’s what Pranjal Khandhdiya, the executive producer of Youngistan has got to say about the issue, “Faltu is another brand and our film is not an extension of it but a new film. So why would we want to call it Faltu 2? We will fight it out because the title was granted to us by the film associations. Once they clear it, no one should raise objections to it. If we give in now, the system collapses. Tomorrow, even a smaller brand can claim copyright and create hindrance for another producer. So we have now decided to fight it out.”

Initially the film was supposed to be hitting the theatres by March 28th but we will have to see if the issue clears by then which if it does not, Youngistan will have to be postponed.} else {

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