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Youngistaan Music Review: Not worth buying the CD but worth a hear!

Music: Jeet Gannguli, Shiraz Uppal, Shree-Ishq & Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Shakeel Sohail, Syed Ahmad Afzal, Jackky Bhagnani & Sonny Ravan
Music Label: T-Series

What we Expect: A movie, which is being hyped a lot for it’s social message, Youngistaan need the kind of music which will satisfy a wide section of fans. Producer Vashu Bhagnani’s record, in films starring his son Jackky Bhagnani, is quite decent till now (F.A.L.T.U., Ajab Gazabb Love). Here is the Youngistaan Music Review..




The music album gets a super start with ‘Suno Na Sangemarmar‘ (Arijit Singh), which at first seems decent, but when tailored to the situation in-movie makes the word much more relevant and meaningful. This song reminds you of Pritam-Mukesh & Mahesh Bhatt music school, and scores heavily in melody. Arijit is just perfect, and the song stays with you throughout – a very rare quality in present generation music!

We were left dazed when we heard the remix version of this track. We were left confused as to why would anyone want to touch a song which is so soulful, placid and mellifluous and rework it and get in the hard bass! This song is not prescribed by us, hear it at your own risk! 😉

The next track is ‘Mere Khuda‘, is composed by Shiraz Uppal with lyrics chipped in by Shakeel Sohail/ The song is overwhelmingly sufiana for our tastes.. The lyrics just keep going round-and-round and don’t stay with you, though the rendition and singing, with a fusion-like attempt, make for easy listening. We had much more expectations from Shiraz Uppal as he had made brilliant tracks in the past like Aashayein (2009), so this one falls short.

The team of Rafaqat Ali Khan-Shiraz Uppal came together again to deliver a quawwali, ‘Daata Di Diwani‘. The song is very nice and is authentic in vocals and orchestration. However, the song will take a beating as it lacks a lexicon that the audience can understand, not just by itself but also in the context of the film. The heavy usage of Urdu might amuse a few in the beginning but soon might get feed up of it. For example, the meaning of ‘Ganj bakhsh Faiz-E-Alam / Mazhar-e- noor-e-Khuda / Na kasara peer-e-kaabe / Kamila ra ranuma’?

Youngistaan Anthem‘, which is co-composed and sung by Shree D and Ishq Bector of Besharam title-track fame, try very hard to be meaningful and bold, but this doesn’t come across and we are left very disappointed. A title track should be full of punch and meaning, it should represent the movie in one way. But with this title track going nowhere, it surely left us disappointed! The ordinary words (Sonny Ravan), the routine singing and music all add to just another mediocre song. The remix version is even less noteworthy.

The one song which we like a lot was ‘Tanki‘. The song with its two versions by multiple singers including Mika, Hard Kaur and Sneha Khanwalkar, who has composed the song, somehow just felt right and we just couldn’t help but keep the track on repeat and listen to it again and again. As long as it lasts, the funky words are packaged in a cute little tune with some interesting nuances in the orchestration.

cialis commercial Overall: The idea is to get an attention-grabbing score with a couple of interesting tracks, and in this goal, despite the lack of sustained musical ambition, the score is alright.

Our Picks:
‘Suno Na Sangemarmar’, ‘Tanki’

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Youngistaan Music Review


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