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Salman Khan thinks Rahman is an ‘average’ musician

When it comes to Salman Khan, there’s only two things you can be, either his best friend for whom he’s going to give his life or his biggest enemy who he is going to hate for the rest of his life. Looks like the ace music director Rahman falls into the second category for Salman Khan, a fate that Rahman brought upon himself!

If you’re wondering what Rahman must’ve done to be hated by Salman Khan, remember how he filed a case against the Bhai himself for using the title Jai Ho, his song for his movie? That was apparently bad enough to anger Sallu Bhai.

And we realized that Rahman was so hated by Salman Khan when he talked about the music director in a recent interview about his movie when he said that ‘the only thing that Rahman and he had in common was the word Jai Ho’ and that he thought that Rahman was not a very great but only an average music director.

So it looks like when Salman Khan hates a person he’s going to be hating everything about him, even if he’s an incredibly talented person.

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