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“I feel ashamed to listen to the Hindi songs these days” Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi was a pop sensation of those days and even today, people love him like crazy. Then do you wonder why is it that he doesn’t do that much of playback singing in bollywood anymore? The reason, Daler Mehndi himself admits to is that, he is too expensive for bollywood!

“I want Rs 5 lakh, a business class ticket and lots of other things. Other singers do it for free. I cannot do that. I work hard for my singing and cannot do it for free” was what Daler Mehndi said in response to that. But producers seem to want him anyway as only recently he has sung for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Rang De Basanti, Singh is King and some other movies.

Daler Mehndi also in a very honest revelation talked about how he hated the bollywood songs these days because of the lyrics. “I feel ashamed to hear Hindi songs nowadays whose lyrics are full of slangs. Such songs are degrading our culture. What will our children learn from them? They should be banned” was what he said.

Sufi has been the one genre that he’s always really liked which is why he chose to do his bit for it and here’s what he’s got to say on that, “We are likely to come up with ‘Sufi Sultana’, an initiative through which we are planning to audition children from 13 years of age across the country who are good at sufi songs and promote them worldwide. I want to promote sufi music globally.”

And for those of you who did not know, Daler Mehndi in the past, sang for the Congress when they were campaigning. Does this mean that he’s got an interest in politics? “I am not in any mood to join politics. I am ready to sing but I’m certainly not in election mood” he says in response.

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