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Deepika and Farhan’s Cola Ad is finally out!

The most talked about Ad of the recent times, the cola Ad featuring Deepika and Farhan is finally out, and boy, this has got to be the best cola ad ever, Farhan as a rickshaw-wala and Deepika as a rebellious college student did really really weel. Although the ad lasts for about 50 seconds only, it is quite engaging and in that very short time, Deepika and Farhan managed to brew some good chemistry between them and thereby spreading khushi (like all cola ads aim to do).

It was Anurag Kashyap who directed the ad and the concept was made up by Prasoon Joshi while the producer is Guneet Monga’s Golden Gaddi films. A salwar Kameez clad Deepika rushes out onto the road and complains on missing her bus and how if she doesn’t make it to the exam, her dad is going to get her married away when the macho rickshaw-man Farhan Akhtar comes to her rescue and makes her get into the bus by chasing the bus and all.

If you’re wondering where Coca-cola comes in in all of this, Deepika holds a bottle of Coca-cola all the while that she sits in the rickshaw which was given by Farhan Akhtar initially. And that’s how they’re spreading joy to each other. Now watch this really awesome ad for yourself to feel the joy of coca-cola.

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