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Shabana Azmi: I am so very proud of Alia Bhatt

Recently, Mahesh Bhatt compared his daughter Alia’s performance in Highway to Shabana Azmi’s National Award winning performance in his film Arth.

The 5 time National Award winning actress Shabana, is not offended by the comparison and instead, believes that Alia Bhatt is worthy of it. “Javed and I went straight to Alia’s house after watching Highway. We were both profoundly moved by her performance. I am so very proud of her,” said Shabana.

“Mahesh doesn’t say this lightly and he doesn’t say it because Alia is his daughter. He compares Alia’s performance to mine because he genuinely believes that the girl has achieved an exceptional level of performing prowess so early in her career. And Mahesh is right,” she added, “Alia’s achievement is all the more laudable because I did Arth after 9 years of facing the camera. Alia has done it in her second film. That’s amazing! Alia took me completely by surprise. She possesses both vulnerability and insouciance.”


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