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Hrithik Roshan continues meeting Salman Khan

We know how Salman has taken up the responsibility of re-uniting Hrithik Roshan and his estranged wife Suzanne by counseling them and all of that, and now it looks like Hrithik Roshan got addicted to Bhai and the solace that he’s been getting from meeting him coz from what the sources say, he’s been meeting him a lot these days.

Recently, Salman Khan also spent sometime talking to Suzanne Khan, (probably convincing her to go back to her husband?). And we all know how he spent half of the time at the New Year bash that he threw this year with Hrithik Roshan playing marriage counselor.

If thanks to Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne re-unite this really is going to be the greatest thing that Bhai would ever have done in all of his life. He will not just get back an estranged family together but also make all of us who have thought that Hrithik and Susanne made the greatest bollywood pair, really happy.

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