Highway collections from overseas for the first week

Although the Imtiaz Ali directorial hasn’t had that great a beginning in the beginning of the week, the Highway collections have gone up considerably later in the week. The movie did really well overseas collecting nearly 6 crores globally. While the Highway collections from USA, UK and UAE are the highest, there have been good collections from Australia and New Zealand as well.

Here’s a break up of Highway collections from overseas;

Rs 1.78 crores nett ($286,495) in the USA from 81 screens

Rs 24.22 lakhs ($39,027) in the Canada from nearly 12 screens

Rs 24.22 lakhs ($39,027) in the UAE

Rs 1.10 crore (£106,581) in the UK from nearly 49 screens

Rs 22.51 lakhs (A$40,391) in Australia from 13 screens

Rs 5.15 lakhs (NZ$10,020) in New Zealand from 6 screens

Summing them all up, the Highway collections reached upto nearly 5.58 crores overseas alone. The collections from all the 800 screens that it was played in in the country were upto 13.97 crores. So totally Highway made a whopping 20 crores in just the first week alone. Although this is a little less than anticipated for an Imtiaz Ali film, the movie’s doing just fine.

2 thoughts on “Highway collections from overseas for the first week

    1. thats wonderful… if you’re a fan of kashmir.. you’ve got to see the latest movie haider… lots of beautiful locales apparently.. pity we cant visit it often though cause its not very safe.

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