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When Papa Shahrukh’s heart ached for Aryan!

Shah rukh Khan has always been a family man and nothing in the world meant more to him than his kids and wife, as he’s always admitted in interviews. And recently, when he had to drop his son off at boarding school on a different continent altogether, he missed him so much that he took to twitter to express his sadness.

“Dropped son for school. I feel so proud of him that I feel proud of me. Song on radio ‘You’re gonna miss me when I am gone” was what his tweet said. Awww..isn’t that sweet? We hope that he re-unites with Aryan very very soon.

And for those of you who didn’t know, Aryan goes to school in the Sevenoaks, Kent, Britain. He was here on vacation and the vacation ended recently and had to go back to school. Naturally Shah Rukh Khan went all the way till Britain to drop him off after which he terribly missed him..

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