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“Gulaab Gang is a good against evil story in matriarchal society” Soumik Sen

Soumik Sen is no doubt going to remain one of the greatest directors of our time with the offbeat and inspiring Gulaab Gang, which we know for sure is going to be a huge hit. So do you want to know what the creator of the movie himself thinks about the movie?

“You can say that it is a matriarchal society. I wanted to reverse the trend where men are either hero or villain, or both. It is sort of a Utopian idea in Bollywood where women are the hero as well as the villain.The story, however, remains about the classical conflict between good and evil. The film is full of action scenes and ‘naach-gaana’ like any other commercial film. I have tried to make it a believable world where women are at the centre of everything happening” was Soumik Sen’s take on what Gulaab Gang will be all about.

A lot of people weren’t sure of the ‘action film with women’ working out and some of them even asked Soumik Sen directly how he thought that an action film with women would work, when he found an answer in Madhuri.

“But Madhuri came on board and then everything changed. The next challenge was to find actresses who will do action sequences without a body double. I put the condition and many refused.She had prior experience of learning Taekwondo. We did combat skills training with her and other actresses. When Salman Khan can do it why can’t women do it” he says in answer to that.

Like everyone out there is thinking, it is not the Gulabi Gang of UP that was the inspiration behind the title, Gulaab Gang, it was in fact, a song by Aerosmith, the band. “American rock band Aerosmith has a famous song ‘Pink, it’s like red but not quite’. The name takes inspiration from there. Pink is soft but it can also be fierce and angry. This is what I want to convey from the title” was what Soumik Sen said about the title.

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